Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meet the Author 11

Today's author is a good friend of mine. If you don't know her, you've got to look her up on Myspace. She will knock your socks off with her humor and wit.

C. L. Freire

Where do you live?

Miami, FL


Married, and have two furry little girls.


My two girls, Midnight (kitty) and Muffy (pooch)


35, although I tend to joke every year that I'm still 22 on the outside and 15 on the inside.

Astrological Sign?


Dream Job?

What I do now. Author with the BEST PUBLISHING HOUSE EVER (TRIAD Publishing Group), and now Editor-in-Chief of TREI Literary Magazine

Favorite Genre?

Fantasy and Horror

Some favorite authors?

Hans Christian Anderson, Neil Gaiman, J.M.S. (creator of Babylon 5)

Favorite Fictional Hero?

John Sheridan (Captain of Babylon 5)

Favorite Real-life Hero?

My husband.

Favorite Fictional Heroine?

Buffy Sommers

Favorite Real-life Heroine?

Not sure on this one..

Favorite TV Shows?

Babylon 5, Desperate Housewives, Lois and Clark (The New Adventures of Superman), Supernatural, Friends, Sex in the City

Lifelong Ambition? To be a best selling author and live in NYC with my hubby and our girls in a fabulous apartment overlooking Central Park.

Where’s the Farthest you’ve traveled? Puerto RicoYour

Best Feature or Talent? My best features are my eyes and my smile, from what I'm told. My best talent is writing, although I have a lot of interests that I've spent my life trying to be as good at as possible.

Catchphrase or Motto? It's a Moral Imperative!

Webspace or blog link?

Tell us about your books. Any more in the works?

I can't really spill about the first book, which is coming out Oct 1 this year. Pre orders open July 1. And I'm going on the air with at 8pm EST to officially announce the title of the book, which I've kept secret. That's when I'll talk about the book...hehe.

What I will say is that it is the first book in a Tween fantasy series of eight.

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