Thursday, July 24, 2008


I sent a submission to Samhain Publishing a couple of weeks back and I just received an e-mail from them asking for a five to seven page synopsis for the story. Yes. I sent them a synopsis but it was a short one pager. I'm so used to editors/agents wanting short I didn't have a longer synopsis ready.

So my goal for today (and probably into tomorrow) will be to write a long synopsis. I'm pretty good at writing queries, but I so suck at synopsis.

So why am I sitting here blogging? It's called procrastinating. I could lie and say I'm running the story over in my head so I can breeze through this project, but in truth I'm just plain stalling.
I will do it. I will have it done by late tonight or early tomorrow afternoon. So if the Muse is out there, Come back, Sweetie. Vacation is over.

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