Friday, February 27, 2009

Wandering Mind

Why is it that some days you can sit down and the words flow from you brain to your fingers and onto the page so easily? While other days you sit in front of the computer and everything that comes off your fingertips is crap. Today is one of those days. I've gone back to my plotting notes. I've reread what I've written so far. Nothing is helping.

I think I know the problem. I'm waiting for one final thing to come in so I can fill in my budget for the EPICon bid. Why the hurry? Well, they like to announce at this year's conference where the following year's conference will be. But until my budget is approved, I don't really have it in my grasp and they can't announce what isn't written in stone yet. This year's conference is in Las Vegas on March 5-8th. See my dilemma?

The budget is a guessing game for the most part. You have to estimate what you think airfare will be for speakers, editors, authors who haven't even been contacted yet or agreed to attend. You can't invite speakers until you know you have the conference, now can you? You have to figure out how many rooms are paid for by EPIC. You have to get estimates on what food costs will be for the different occasions.

This is what I'm waiting for. I've contacted the New Orleans Tourist Board and they are contacting hotels with the information. She said (Jennifer from TB) the hotels would probably call me with a few questions and then I'd get my estimates.

I know Mardi Gras just ended and the hotels were busy. I understand it takes a bit of time to figure out these things. But I need that information yesterday.

I'm going to try to write again. Sitting here doing nothing isn't solving the problem either, is it?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Well Damn

I have to go in for minor surgery tomorrow. Nothing too serious. I have to have a stint removed and replaced. More of a pain in the butt than anything else. So, I'll be away for a few days but I shall return.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wow, Cool!



Considering who I was up against, finishing in the top ten is really an honor. Woohoo!!