Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm in one of my pitty potty moods. Every word I write sucks. Every paragraph is a total waste of time. You get the idea. I really hate it when I get like this. It's so counterproductive. Feeling sorry for one's self has never gotten anyone anywhere. Have I written today? Yes. Ten pages so far. So I don't let the pitty potty stop me, it just makes me doubt myself and my talent.

What set off the mood? This is the shameful part. Someone I know (from the Internet), and truly like, emailed me this morning so excited that her email was filled with typos. Usually her little notes are perfect. No missing commas, every paragraph indented, no bad grammar. So I knew she was beside herself with joy. Her book is on the top 100 e-book best sellers list this morning. I'm thrilled for her and I told her so. Then after the little notes back and forth were over that evil little jerk called the Inner Editor started up on me. "Looser! She's going to be a success. You're just a wanna be and will never be anything else. Why don't you just give up?"

Here is my answer to Inner Editor:

Go F yourself. I'm a good writer and getting better with each book. I may never be a NY Times Best Seller, but I am selling. I enjoy writing. I actually have readers who like my books. I have emails from them telling me so, and asking when my next book will be out. So, go bug someone else. I have a book to write.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Too Long

I'm writing a new WIP, the first book of a possible seven book series.  It's taken me a long time to get back into writing after the release of Fugue Macabre Bone Dance.  I had so many story ideas jumping around in my head, I couldn't write just one.  I finally sat down and wrote down the basic plot of all the stories and then decied I could actually make them into a series.  Then I had to decide which book would be #1, #2, #3, and so on.  The last two books were easy to place.  The first one was pretty easy to decide on, too.  But the other four required more thought.  Then once that was set in stone, I started plotting out the stories so they would tie into each other.  I had to come up with seven paranormal abilities to give my heroines or heros and what use this ability was to the main plot of the stories and the eventual culmination.  Anyway, if I'm not posting on a regular basis, remember I'm writing again and not ignoring you.  I'm trying to write the best book for you to read.