Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lost Links

My old computer was compromised by some hacker(s) and I finally had to smash it to tiny bits.  (And God did that feel good.) Yes, I could have taken it to be cleansed of the viruses and such, but it would have nearly cost  me as much as this nice new computer.  But now I find all of my favorite links list has vanished.  I've lost all my links.  Slowly I'm finding the sites, but it's been a bit of a pain. 

I'm a lot more careful now as to what emails I open.  If I don't know you, your email is deleted.  I don't open links in emails except from a very few friends.  My new security program lets me know if there is a problem with a Web site before it will let me either enter or not enter the site.  I'm going to trust the secruity program and not open those sites.  I've created a new email for agents and editors only.  No one else will have this email address.  All my passwords are no shorter than 15 letters/numbers now.  They are not real words, or phrases.  Just a jumble of letters and numbers.  Shoot, even I had to make a list so I could remember the passwords. 

Isn't it sad when we have to go to such lengths to enjoy the Web?  And we're supposed to feel sorry for this guy who has hacked Government computers and is blasting our "secrets" to our enemies?  And his supporters caused a day or two of problems for Master Card because MC decided not to support him?  Oh, yeah.  That's a way to our hearts.  We need stronger laws and penelties for hackers.  It's time they are actually punished for what they are doing.  Slaps on the wrists is an insult to those of us who have been victimized.