Friday, January 22, 2010

Giving Credit and Thanks

I was sitting back last night thinking of what I'd forgotten to do. There was plenty. LOLBut the thought came to mind as I was trying to list and put away the recent goodys for the bags at EPICon that I really need to give a shout out to those who have done so much and given so freely.

First, I was to thank Rhonda Penders and R. J. Morris (The Wild Rose Press) for furnishing the bags to hold all the goodies. I'm thrilled with their choice of bags. You're going to love them.

Samhain Publishing, Sabrina Jefferies, Kellyann Zuzulo, Jane Toombs, Ann Siracusa, Ann Morris, Kelly L. Stone, J. L. Wilson, Nan D. Arnold, P. L. Parker, Lynn Rynolds, Donna Marie Rogers (Lisa James, Janet Lacoco, Holly Jacobs, Ilena Holder, Melanie Atkins, Christinane France, Erica Spindler, C. S. Graham, C. S. Harris, Viola Russell, and Eran McCarth have been very generious with their gifts for the bags.

Let me think; Nick, my co-chair, Anna D'Arclon, Publisher Liaison, Dawn, my Promo Liaison, Brenna and Carol for putting up with my panic attacks, and Dan Reitz for putting up with me nagging him. And I must mention Jolie du Pre who is handling the decor for the conference.

Now, I've got to go to the printers and talk out what he needs for me to get what I want. Poor guy. Guess I should thank him for putting up with me too.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Damn it! This is New Orleans

We're not supposed to have temps down into the teens!! If we have to put up with these kinds of temps, then we should have the fun of some snow. But do we? Hell no. It's raining right now, but the temps so far are still in the high 40s. The rain should be over in about three hours and then it will drop down into the teens for tonight. So all we'll get is black ice. Fun.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

EPICon 2010

On March 4-7, 2010, New Orleans will once again celebrate her recovery from Hurricane Katrina when she hosts the Electronic Publishing Internet Connection's annual writers’ convention. The four-day convention, EPICon, will include a networking mixer, a riverboat cruise, an awards banquet as well as workshops and seminars.

Keynotes speakers include award-winning romance author, Holly Jacobs, award-winning author and motivational speaker, Debra Dixon, literary agent, Deidre Knight, New York Times Bestselling author, C.T. Adams and Louisiana's own bestselling author, Deborah Leblanc, among others. As well there will be representatives from many of the top print and electronic publishing houses, including Mundania Press, Awe Struck, Phaze, Hardshell Word Factory, Red Rose Publishing, Leap Books, Belle Books, Loose Id, Oak Tree Press, L. L. Publications (Logical Lust) and more.

We are also offering very low cost ad space in our Conference Binder. Simply go to our Web site, and click on Conference Binder for info.

Knowing EPIC is a non-profit organization, some of those already registered and those unable to attend have asked if they can contribute in some way. Absolutely and with great thanks! We are looking for sponsors to help defray the cost of events during the conference; The Thursday Night Mixer ($600), Saturday Night Riverboat Cruise and dinner ($2,000). Even something as small as the cost of name badges ($215) would be immensely appreciated . Full contribution for name badges would result in your name and/or logo on the badges. Now, we are not asking anyone to donate the full cost of the Riverboat Cruise or even the Mixer, but even $100 donations are very much welcome. We are also looking for items for the goody bags, and/or books (autographed or not) for a raffle basket. All proceeds from the raffle will go to the New Orleans Library system to help refill their shelves from Katrina loss. And all donations are tax deductible.

We hope you can join us for a Spring weekend in New Orleans and Lezzez le bon temp rouler! Let the good times roll.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Run Away Escape

I woke up this moring wishing I were somewhere else. Where? Who cares. LOL Okay, I had in mind a log cabin in the mountains. Maybe being snowed in. Have a good generator just in case the power goes out. A big fireplace. It can be a gas fireplace. Never liked cleaning out all that ash anyway. Enough food to last me. It can be canned chicken noodle soup and jerky, I don't care. (Wait! Brain flash, what a great way to diet.) And, last but not least, my computer. Yes, this would be a run away to work escape. No. Hubby would not be there. That's one of the reasons I want to escape. No hubby asking, When are you going to get off your butt and do something? No TV. No emails. Just me and my computer (no Internet), my cell phone for emergencies, and if a cell won't work in the mountains, then I'll accept a land line. I'll just resist going onto the Internet. I'd like a full month, please.

I truely believe if I could have one month all to myself I could get my first draft completed, plus a good start on plotting out the second story that is driving me nuts to get on the screen. Think about it. One month. Alone. Nothing to distract me. Stopping only to eat, no, make that stopping only to heat that soup or grab a stick or two of that jerky. I can work while I eat. Oh, yeah, and to sleep every once in a while.

Oh, you think a whole month by yourself would be lonely, creepy.... Okay, how about this. Some of the national parks has a program where writers can rent cabins very cheaply to do exactly what I'm describing. If you don't want to be by yourself , how about you and a friend or friends rent a couple/few cabins. You can still be alone when you want/need to be, but have the evenings/early mornings/mid afternoons to talk/brainstorm with your friend(s). Now come on. Doesn't this sound great?

Gads, dreams are wonderful.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Spring in New Oreans

Have you ever experienced spring in New Orleans. While most of the country is still suffering cold, damp weather, New Orleans is in bloom, the weather is warm.

Come see how we've come back since Katrina and gather with other writers.

EPICon 2010, the writers' conference for the twentyfirst century.