Saturday, November 7, 2009

Less Than Four Months Away

EPICon 2010 New Orleans is less than four months away. We have so much planned for you. Holly Jacobs, Deidre Knight, Debra Dixon, C. T. Adams, and Deborah LeBlanc are the keynote and special speakers ready to give us the ins and outs of building a buzz, selling your way to the top, or even how to make that WIP the best it can be.

We've signed, Maria Allaire, M. A., a forensic anthropologist to show you how the cops go from skeleton to a solved murder. Think Bones the TV show, but real. And, yes, she brings real bones and some not so real, so you can describe a crime scene with enough finesse your reader will swear they are at the scene. Don't worry, she doesn't pass around the real thing.

Someone I know personally, Nicholas A. Genovese, Jr, will walk us through the frightening world of the IRS and what they want from writers. (No, not our blood.)

We have a full list of EPIC members booked to WOW you with their expertise. Go to the schedule and check out the topics. For me to list them all here would make a terribly long(er) post.

Thursday night, March 4, we will have a mixer with finger food and a cash bar, so everyone can get to know each other and let their hair down.

On Friday night, March 5, we've set up an old fashion river boat cruise with dinner, drinks and dancing. At this time it is $59 a person, but we are searching for sponsors to help reduce or offset that price. I'll keep everyone posted on this.

On Saturday, March 6, there will be a full day of book signings by C. T. Adams, Debra Dixon, Holly Jacobs, Deidre Knight and Deborah LeBlanc.

Then on Saturday night, what we've all been waiting for, the Awards Banquet and Ceremony.

Now, come on, haven't I enticed you to sign up for all the fun? I can't wait to meet everyone.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Look at this!!

Isn't it cool when you go to a site and find your book's cover art looking back at you? LOL