Monday, June 16, 2008

Meet the Author 7

Today's author: Annie Kelleher
Where do you live?
Deep in the Connecticut woods
Married? Kids?
Very, six kids between us.
Nearly 50!!!!
Astrological Sign?
Aries sun, Capricorn mood, Scorpio rising
Dream Job?
This one.
Favorite Genre?
Aney that captivate me.
Some favorite authors?
Anya Seton, margaret Atwood, John Irving, Sue Miller, Jodi Picoult, many many more.
Favorite Fiction Hero?
I would have to say either Artimour from Silver's Edge, and Silver Bane, or Lochlan from Silver;s Lure. I like a man who always comes through.
Favorite Real-life hero?
My daddy.
Favorite fictional Heroine?
I will always have a soft spot for Nyda, the heroine of my first novel Daughter of Prophecy. She falls for the wrong guy--but, hey, who hasn't?
Favorite Real-life Heroine?
My daughter, Katie. She works as a child abu7se investigator for the state, and what she deals with every day, I couldn't handle for five minutes.
Favorite TV Shows?
Jeopardy. And shows about ghosts.
Lifelong Ambition? To die peacefully and painlessly after a reasonable happy and richly fulfilling life.
Where's the Farthest you've traveled?
How big is your imagination?
Your Best Feature or Talent?
I like to think I make the best of whatever I have to work with.
Catchphrase or Motto?
That which does not kill you makes you strong.
Webspace or blog link?
Tell us about your books. any more in the works?
Currently I am working on several ideas. I have four or five stories, all running amok in my head. I have anywhere from 10 to 20 thousand words on these stories, so each of them seem to be developing. this creative chaos is very different for me, and rather than fight it, or attempt to corral it, I am simply going along with the flow. It's a little scary and defnitely exciting, because I niever quite know where (or who) I'm going next. One minute I'm fighting evil peruvian drug-running shamen, next I'm a speechwriter for the first woman nominated for president, and every now and then I'ma bisexual warrior out of Iris myth. There's also one aobut a oven of cute witches, as well as my ever-evolving trilogy spinoff from the Silver books. So who knows what's next or in the works? Maybe the next one will be a mix of them all!
And that's just three!

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