Thursday, June 19, 2008

Meet the Author 10

Today's author: Sher Hames Torres

Where do you live?
Married to Mark for twenty-five years, two kids--Courtney 17, and Dusty 15
Auggie, a French Charles Spaniel/Beagle cross whom we've discovered is deceptively brilliant...he knows HOW to do just about everything--there are just some things he refuses to do.
Astrological Sign?
Dream Job?
Whoa that's tough. Let's see, I write. Love that. I stitch. Love that. And I'm a mom. I really love that. So I guess my answer is StitchingWriterMom.
Favorite Genre?
Wow, that's a hard question...Actually I love just about everything, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, mystery, I think it would be easier for me to say what my least favorite genre is...illogical. I can read just about anything and enjoy it...even horror--which I abhor watching. I have no need to see what's on the INSIDE of a body and should stay there. Hence the reason you didn't see Doctor in the dream job slot. I can even read boring...course I put it down quickly. But what I can't stand are books that start out wonderfully, ease into the story with grandeur, then the H/H does something stupid and completely out of character which grabs the story by the belly button and yanks it into the realm of the unredeemable.
Some favorite authors?
Phyllis Whitney, LaVyrle Spencer, Kay Hooper, Iris Johanssen, Donna Kauffman, Linda Howard, Dan Brown, Karen Robards, Tolkien, Lackey, McCafferey, and the list goes on....
Favorite Fictional Hero?
Mr. Darcy. I love a strong man who will do grand gestures without having to have the fanfare and the HowWonderfulAmI? recognition.
Favorite real-life hero?
My husband. I know, nor have ever known anyone stronger, more loving, tougher or gentler than that man.
Favorite Fictional Heroine?
Jo March. She was strong, determined talented, headstrong, ambitious, and loved her family beyond all else.
Favorite Real-life herione?
My daughter. I've watched her fight through a life threatening illness, panic attacks, self-doubt and come out of it strong, determined and successful.
Favorite TV Shows?
I love intelligent tv...shows with rich characters and storylines, like Bones, House, Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Numbers, Moonlight Closer, Saving Grace. As a rule, I don't enjoy reality TV except for American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance(My son is a dancer so this is a must), Project Runway, and anything Gordon Ramsey.
Lifelong Ambition?
To be a mom and a writer.
Where's the farthest you've traveled?
Canada to the North, Miami to the South, Louisianna to the West, and the entire east coast from Jersey to Florida.
Catchphrase or Motto?
Just because you pray for something and don't hear back immediately doesn't mean the answer is no. Sometimes it just means "When I get good and ready." or There be dragons here and you look crunchy and probably taste good with ketchup.
Web space or blog link? I also have a My Space page, but I can't even tell you the link...just search for Sher Hames Torres
Tell us about your books. Any more in the works?
Right now, I have stories in two available anthologies: Fate's Little Trick in Enchanted Holidays, and Enigma in One Touch Beyond, both available from Cerridwen Press. My first full-length novel, Illusions, is due for release later this year. Presently, I have three other novels in the works.

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