Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coffee Time Romance Chat

On Coffee Time Romance & More.

Authors and editor of Sapphire Blue Publishing will be there to answer your questions or just talk about their books. Come join us. Tonight 9 pm eastern

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sherryl Woods/another link

If you can't get into the room I linked in last post, try this one.

Sherryl Woods Meet and Greet

Please join me in Author,Author! On Tuesday night November 18 at 8 PM Eastern. Our guest will be best selling author, Sherryl Woods. located in the Arts and Entertainment - Writing Workshop

Sherryl Woods - Home Page

Thursday, November 6, 2008


It's Thursday. Nothing special. I had a doctor's appointment this morning at 11:20. I got there at 10:50. Saw the doctor at 12:30. Got out of there around 1:00. Went out for lunch. I normally don't. We've got plenty of food here at home. But, I did it anyway. Had a roast beef po-boy, dressed. For those of you Yankees out there, dressed means it has lettuce tomatoes, pickles and mayo. Oh, and gravy. It's one of those kinds of sandwiches that we here in New Orleans call a 10 napkiner. Messy but, oh, so good. I came home and placed butt in chair, started working on fixing the things my editor pointed out in Ghost Dance, and changing them in Bone Dance. That's been my day so far. Boring huh?
Now, yesterday...Richard said no work. He took me to the casinos on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We went to the Grand first. I found a slot machine I'd never seen before and decided to check it out. We had a few dollars in free play, plus I put a twenty in. Within ten minutes or so I hit something, I'm still now sure what. But the wheels kept spinning and stopping. Every time they stopped I got more points. It did this about ten times. I ended up winning close to $400. I hit the cash out button and told Richard, I'm ready to go home. LOLWe left the Grand and went to the Island View. We also had free play money there. I took my free play ticket and went my way after we agreed on a spot to meet later on. I went in search of the Wheel of Fortune slots but they were gone. Some new kind of machine were in their place. I didn't like the looks of them, so I went in search of something else to play.I saw another new slot and sat down only to discover it was a nickle machine. But I played it for a while anyway. I won $100. And on a nickle machine that is the jackpot. LOLRichard found me at the machine and said it was time to go grab some lunch.The buffet at the Island View is to die for. And after I'd ate everything in sight, I was in fear of my imminent demise. They had boiled shrimp so huge six of them nearly covered the plate. They had crab legs, onion rings, Chinese food, Italian food, a carving station with a beautiful roast or turkey...Oh...and the desert island was nearly my undoing.
I'm starting my diet in the morning. No. Really. The doctor said do it or he was going to send me to a nutritionist weekly. Gads, why can't doctors just say, look it's your life. This is what you need to do, but I'm not going to harp?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Out!! has released my baby out into the world.

Fugue Macabre: Ghost Dance
Dr. Tabatha Gray doesn’t have a particular fondness for the dead, but the dead have a desperate affinity for her. Tabatha is a necromancer who can not only resurrect the dead, but hear the souls of the recently departed. This ability she has always considered a curse may be the only thing that can save her life and those of her friends.
After being shunned and banished to a boarding school by her mother, Tabatha spent years denying who and what she is before retuning home to New Orleans to face her personal demons. Almost immediately, she’s threatened by the radical group, Guardians Against Paranormal Sinners, who want her and anyone like her dead. She joins forces with an unlikely pair of friends--a firestarter and a shapeshifter--to fight the deadly organization.
Detective Derek Bainbridge tries to ignore the instant connection he feels with this stranger and possibly dangerous necromancer, but he instinctively knows Tabatha is the only person who can help him solve a string of brutal child killings.
Family secrets, lies and treachery all combine to make Tabatha’s efforts harder as she tries to save the last victim.

Sniff, sniff. Isn't she beautiful? ;o)