Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bone Dance

For those of you waiting for Fugue Macabre: Bone Dance, the second book of the Fugue Macabre trilogy, I've got to apologize and ask you to wait a bit longer.

I was never happy with Bone Dance even once I turned it in. But I put it off as just that little editor on my shoulder giving me a hard time. Then once my editors said, okay, and gave me a cover and release date, I figured I was just being silly. But I couldn't let it go. I kept worrying about it. Something just wasn't right. I knew it was missing something, but I couldn't make my brain wrap around it completely to see what it was.

Then my editor e-mailed me. She said they'd publish it if I was happy with it, but....

Yup, they noticed something was missing too. Being such a wonderful publishing house (Sapphire Blue Publishing), they brainstormed the story at a meeting and handed me the problem then said if you want, you can take a bit of time and fix it or we'll run with it as is. The way they see it, it's a good read, but could be better if I take care of this one little tweak.

Well, my reading friends, I'm tweaking away.

I'm begging for your patience a little longer. I promise you, it will be worth the wait. The story will be stonger and I'll be happier. And most important, you'll get a much better read.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Do you ever want to just vanish? Run away? Become a recluse?

I do.

But I've arrived at the age that it would be really hard to do. I'm on medications I HAVE to take every day. I have to run to the doctor every three month so he can make sure my heart is still ticking and my blood pressure is at an accepable rate. Hard to become a recluse with those kind of stipulations.

Then there's my hubby. I'm sure he'd be miffed at me if I just took off. Or maybe not.

Then there's my writing. I can't give that up. It's my only hold onto sanity. Though, right now, I'm in the middle of a rewrite/edit from hell, I still would not want to give up that one pleasure in my life.

I can live without TV but not books. Think I could find a cave with just enough power to run a computer? Oh, and it'd have to be in an area where I could get Wi-Fi for the computer, so I can send in my manuscripts. And caves stay about the same temp all year round, so I'd not need air conditioning. And if it's a bit cool, I can always put more clothes on, right? Guess the cave would have to be near a stream, so there'd be water.

I could have one of those three wheeled bikes with a basket, so I could run to the grocery store for Cokes and food. Gads, can't give up my Cokes. So that means I'd have to have power for a fridge too. Hmm, think I could get a solar panel or two set up?

Wait! Wait! I've talked myself right back into the trappings of the real world again.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dixie Kane Memorial Writer's Contest

Permission to forward is granted and appreciated.

Fourth Annual Dixie Kane Memorial Contest

New features and awards this year:

Top prize, $50 for the overall highest score in all categories;

Final Round Judges: both Kate Duffy, editor, Kensington Books and Pamela Ahearn, literary agent, Ahearn Agency will read the first place entry winners of each category with the hope of requesting a full or partial manuscript.

New prize classification: Honorable Mention in each category in addition to the usual first, second, and third place winners;

The entry fee is still only $15 per entry.

Deadline date is July 1, 2009.

The best promotion of the Dixie Kane Memorial Contest is the quality control survey the contest administrators conduct of its entrants each year. The survey results posted on our website indicate that the Dixie Kane Memorial Contest is a highly regarded contest with rave reviews from its entrants. Please visit the Dixie Kane Memorial Contest website to review those survey results at

Also, for more information and entry form, go to

Miscellaneous information about the Dixie Kane Memorial Contest:

You can enter more than one entry as long as you pay the entry fee for each entry and include the proper material for each entry. The entries can be mailed in one envelope or in multiple envelopes as long as the proper return postage has been provided for.

You may also enter a previously submitted entry that you have revised and would like to retest.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the contest coordinator at
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fugue Macabre: Bone Dance

cover art Bone Dance

Nearly as old as time, Clan Moran has existed in secrecy in the bayous of southern Louisiana. Years after leaving her clan, Bobbie Luckman has been called back. Father and brother murdered, she is the last of the Moran bloodline and must return to become Queen Moran.

The Fugue Macabre saga returns May 19, 2008

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Review for Fugue Macabre: Ghost Dance

Romance Junkie Blue Ribbon Reviews
Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

When Dr. Tabatha Gray returns home to New Orleans after years of living and practicing psychiatry in New York City. She finds her childhood home is falling into disrepair, her mother has become a recluse and her power of necromancy is becoming stronger and out of control. To top it off, Rhonda, Tabatha’s school yard nemesis, is begging Tabatha for help. When she discovers that a powerful group calling themselves the Guardians has begun targeting people with paranormal abilities and have threatened to harm Rhonda’s young son, Tabatha agrees to help Rhonda. Little does she realize that doing this favor will bring her to the attention of a man who is searching for a miracle.
Derek Bainbridge is a desperate man. As the lead detective investigating the brutal murders of several young girls in his district, Derek feels like he just can’t catch a break in this case. When he happens to overhear Tabatha performing a necromancy ceremony to raise Rhonda’s mother from the dead, he begins to form a plan to finally reveal the identity of the killer... a plan with which only Tabatha can help.Working closely with Derek, along with Rhonda and Bobbie, a female shape shifter, Tabatha must learn to control all of her ever-increasing powers to connect with the dead in order to learn their secrets. It doesn’t take long for Tabatha to discover though, that the living also hide many secrets, including her new lover Derek.FUGUE MACABRE: GHOST DANCE is a fascinating and thrilling offering from author C.J. Parker. With a fast-paced storyline, lots of action, and tons of heart-felt emotions, FUGUE MACABRE: GHOST DANCE hits all the right notes to make this novel a sure-fire hit with fans of both paranormal romance and romantic suspense.
By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Cheryl McInnis

Thank you, Cheryl. You made my week!