Saturday, December 6, 2008


Life slows down on Saturday. It's not a scheduled writing day. Hubby and I usually go out to lunch at some local can't-live-without seafood restaurant. New Orleans has more than it's share of them. This time we went to Bozo's. Yup, that really is the name of it. They are known all over for their gumbo. Even had a big write up in Bon Appite Magazine. They are also known for their method of frying their seafood. Unlike most places the owner fries all orders in a skillet Each order gets fresh oil, no old oil that's been sitting in the fryer for God only knows how long. Anyway, the lunch was great, as it always is.

We drove all over the city looking for a certain sporting goods store so my hubby could pick up something he needed to renew his gun permit. That took us about an hour. Then we went to Borders. I had a list of six to be read books, figuring I'd be able to find at least one. Nope. Not a single one. So I went in search of Heather Graham's latest. Nope. I went in search of Holly Jacob's new book. Again, no luck. They complain of book sales being down, well, it would help a hell of a lot if you had the books people are searching for. Don't you think?

I came home with a new book light and no book to read. So here I sit blogging. Poor you.

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