Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday Blues

Most people love Saturdays. For some reason I find them a pain in the butt. The roads are too packed. The grocery is the same. Going out for lunch is like trying to find space in a sardine can. So today I let the hubby go off by himself. He had to go qualify for his gun permit, and I figure that would be a bore, sitting around waiting for him to shoot up a box of ammo at paper targets.

So what do I do with a Saturday to myself? Well, besides sitting here talking to a computer screen, I mean. I could use the time to do some straightening I've been putting off. I need to straighten the guest bedroom. I'm not sure why but that room seems to be a dumping point. There are stacks of magazines I just couldn't bring myself to toss out, but now I'm going to. I mean, why do I need copies of year-old Romantic Times? For seven year-old copies of Writer's Digest? I guess I thought I'd forget what I learned from them one day. But I've readied myself for putting them out with the trash a little at a time. If I put them all out at once the poor trash man would have a stroke.

Next? Old paperbacks. Okay, some of them I will keep until the day I die and then Hubby can get rid of them. But some I'll never read again. Some I have no idea why I hung onto them for so long. Some are marked up beyond reading. Why? I was trying to learn from others. How they handled emotions, conflict, perfect endings, perfect beginnings. And besides, if I get rid of the paperbacks, I'll have room for more!! OMG! I have this rack of old 8-track tapes. I so wish I knew how I could copy them to CDs. But it's time to get rid of them too, though I still have a 8-track player. Would you believe some of them are still wrapped? Not opened, never played.

Okay, the mess isn't going to straighten itself, so I'll go now. Pray for me.

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