Sunday, March 8, 2009

EPICon 2010

Not trying to rush anything but I thought I'd announce:

I won the bid to have the EPICon in New Orleans next year!!! Woohoo!!

I'm open for applications for speakers/presenters. If you think you have a great idea, send me the topic, amount of time you think you'll need, (about an hour seems to be the norm) why you think you're the one to give this talk, and any A/V equipment you'll need. (These things cost money and I have to stick to my budget.)

Anyone want to volunteer? I'm taking names on that list, alsp. Anyone close enough to New Orleans to help on with foot work would be great but not required.

It will be the weekend of March 4-7, 2010. Mark your calendars. Start saving that left over change. Plan to come party with us. Oh, yeah, and learn a thing or two about our business while we're at it.

Give me about a month and I'll have the beginnings of a web site up to keep everyone apprised of what is going on and little tidbits about New Orleans to entice you into coming.

Charlotte Parker
PS-Hm, wonder why that song 'I'm So Excited' keeps going through my head?

Fugue Macabre: Ghost Dance (Sapphire Blue Publishing)
Fugue Macabre: Bone Dance (Coming soon from Sapphire Blue Publishing)
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