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Review: Fugue Macabre: Ghost Dance by C.J. Parker
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Tense and exciting with action that never stops, Fugue Macabre: Ghost Dance by C.J. Parker takes you on a ride that won‘t stop until the last page is turned..
New Orleans Police Detective Derek Bainbridge has been assigned to investigate the murder of another blond haired blue eyed little girl. Her death was ritualistic just like the others and he needs to find the murderer before another girl is taken. The only problem is that the leads are not helping him.
Dr. Tabitha Gray returns to New Orleans after completing her residency in New York City. Tabitha has spent much of her life isolated due to her unusual ability to talk with and animate the dead. This ability caused her mother to shun her and she has returned to New Orleans to try and set things right.
Her return precipitates many things, starting with a visit from a classmate who tormented her as a child. When Tabitha finally agrees to raise Rhonda’s mother, she sets off another chain of events. She is observed by Derek who wants to know how she accomplishes this. Can she help with his case? In addition, she learns about a group intent on destroying people with unusual abilities. Finally, Tabitha realizes that Derek may be the one for her, but she may not survive to find out if that is true.
Ghost Fugue will keep you on the edge of your seat as all the various ends get woven in together. Tabitha has an ability which she has always felt is a liability but now is coming to realize it may have its good points. She makes friends with two women who we will see in the future. Derek was not a believer in the beginning but had no choice as time went on.
With a touch of Anita Blake, C.J. Parker has penned a novel that will satisfy those of us who fell in love with that series in the beginning. Tabitha as a necromancer and Derek as a detective are fabulous together. The story will keep you engrossed as it gradually unfolds. Tension, suspense, love and the anticipation of more to come - what more could you ask for? Don’t miss Fugue Macabre: ghost Dance by C.J. Parker.
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November 2008
Sapphire Blue
About the Book: Genre: paranormal ISBN: 978-1-934657-07-2 Page Count: 385 pages Price: $ 6.50 Reviewer: Elise Lyn
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous Star Rating: 5 Stars Author's Website:

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