Sunday, November 20, 2011

Feeling Blue

I'm a nice person. I don't speak badly of people and those I don't care for I simply walk away from. I've aways felt there is a place for everyone in this world. So when someone who doesn't know me treats me badly, I am a bit confused. I felt bad for someone I know, someone who had a bad experience with her publishing company. So silly me, I thought I could step in and try to help. Maybe I could get her on good footing and give her the company she wanted. This has caused a site set up to warn people against bad publishers/agents to come back at us with a warning about us. I guess these people think there is no way you can come back from a bad experience, having good intentions and a good publishing plan, and trying to do something good. Am I walking away. No. Am I upset. Yes. But I can say they called attention to something on the Web site I hadn't noticed and I will voice my opinion on it. The only comment I'm going to make on this is I'm trying to do something good here. I will not put up with dishonest actions toward anyone who submits/signs with this publisher. My word is my bond. I have a good reputation and would like to keep it. So I have something to protect here. I'd just like to have a chance before I'm made into the bad guy.

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