Friday, July 9, 2010

Good Day

We all have days where we feel less, not as good at something as the next person.  I don't usually talk to my husband about such things.  He wouldn't understand, I say.  But last night I mutttered under my breath to myself.  "I'm never going to be a successful writer.  Everyone is better than me."

Forget about that person at the workshop, writers' group or the author on the NY Times best selling list.  I bet at one time or the other they have told themselves the same thing.  

Forget about what the market says.  Didn't you say that by the time you write something for the market, the market has changed? 

Forget about that editor or agent you dream of working with.  Worry about the next word, the next sentence, and that editor and agent will one day read your work.

Now, clear you mind. Relax.  Write for the sheer love it it.  Write from your heart.  Find the joy you discovered when you first started writing.  Do your best.  If you are happy then you are a success.  In my eyes you already are a success.

Okay, by this time I was in tears.  Okay, so he quoted all the things I've told other writer friends when they were feeling down on themselves.  The point is he's been listening! 

I'm a damned lucky woman.

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