Friday, July 30, 2010

Fortune Cookie

My hubby and I went out for Chinese yesterday. Yes, we do this nearly every week, so, why am I writing about yesterday's lunch? When the fortune cookies came I picked up one, then for some reason I set it back down and grabbed the other one. No idea why. Anyway, I cracked it open and popped a piece in my mouth while I withdrew the fortune. Hey! There are two, I said.

The first one said, You will be unusually successful in an enteratinment career.

The second one said, Your present plans are going to succeed within the year.

Usually I get fortunes with proverbs or Chinese saying. Not too many "fortunes."

Now, does that mean I'll finally start to see some success from my writing? LOL And what are my present plans? To finish Fire Dance and start and hopefully finish Visions or Knight Midman Dark. Will I do either? Well, I kinda have to finish Fire Dance. I promised Maria at SBP, I would. And both Visions and Midman are driving me nuts to be written. So, maybe, I'll see the second fortune come true. The first one, I can hope.

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Tracy D said...

CJ,where are you, lady? What's up with the writing?