Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I love rain. I love the sound of it hitting the roof. I love the scent of ozone just before and right after it begins to rain. I love how it's able to cool the air on a hot summer day. I even love it on a cold winter day, with the fire place blazing and the lights turned down low.

I remember as a child I used to stay the summer at an aunt's farm in upstate New York. Any time it would rain I'd want to go out to the barn and listen to the rain striking the tin roof. I spent many a night in that barn, sleeping on a blanket on top of the hay and listening to the rain.

It's raining now. A slow but steady drumming on the roof lulling me into a peaceful respite from my day. I sit here and let my thoughts run from one topic to another with no real path or plan. Story ideas pop up, I jot them down, and move on to the next thing my mind wants to unload.

I'll set aside the frustrations of the day. I no longer care that one of the kitchen lights decided to die and there is no way to find one to match. Maybe it's time to find something more modern.

I'm not going to worry that EPICon is three months away. It will be okay. I've worked hard and it will pay off. People will register. People will come to New Orleans and have fun. I'll be able to sit back on another night like tonight and say, You did okay, kid.

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