Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm sure you know by now I'm the Chair for EPICon 2010. Hard not to know when I've written about it so much.

If you're not sure what EPIC is all about, I'll try to explain. We are a non-profit organization hell bent on making life easier for electronically published authors and getting the good word out there that we are "real" authors with great novels, short stories, and novellas you'd love to read. Once a year we have a conference to celebrate our best and brightest and award them with EPIC awards for their hard work and good writing.

For the year of 2010 we've chosen the city of New Orleans to hold our yearly bash. The hotel has been booked...The Sheraton New Orleans. The speakers have been booked...C. T. Adams, Deidre Knight, Holly Jacobs, Debra Dixon to name a few.

Now? I have to fill the goody bags. Hint, hint. Do you have pens, pencils, note pads, badges, candy, toys, keychains, books (yes we'll accept print books. We're not snobs.), etc. you'd like to donate? We ask that you not send bookmarks because the last couple of years they were not a popular item and ended up having to be recycled.

If you'd like to help fill the goody bags, contact me at cjparker20@aol.com

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