Friday, May 22, 2009


Do you ever want to just vanish? Run away? Become a recluse?

I do.

But I've arrived at the age that it would be really hard to do. I'm on medications I HAVE to take every day. I have to run to the doctor every three month so he can make sure my heart is still ticking and my blood pressure is at an accepable rate. Hard to become a recluse with those kind of stipulations.

Then there's my hubby. I'm sure he'd be miffed at me if I just took off. Or maybe not.

Then there's my writing. I can't give that up. It's my only hold onto sanity. Though, right now, I'm in the middle of a rewrite/edit from hell, I still would not want to give up that one pleasure in my life.

I can live without TV but not books. Think I could find a cave with just enough power to run a computer? Oh, and it'd have to be in an area where I could get Wi-Fi for the computer, so I can send in my manuscripts. And caves stay about the same temp all year round, so I'd not need air conditioning. And if it's a bit cool, I can always put more clothes on, right? Guess the cave would have to be near a stream, so there'd be water.

I could have one of those three wheeled bikes with a basket, so I could run to the grocery store for Cokes and food. Gads, can't give up my Cokes. So that means I'd have to have power for a fridge too. Hmm, think I could get a solar panel or two set up?

Wait! Wait! I've talked myself right back into the trappings of the real world again.

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