Friday, September 12, 2008

The lake is coming, the lake is coming

We're getting lots of rain from bands from Ike. That is bad enough, since our soil is kinda saturated right now. But the winds are causing the waters from Lake Pontchartrain to overflow the sea wall. We live very close to the lake--half a mile close. The water is about a block away from us and inching closer. Understand, we are only 13 feet above sea level here. That is considered high ground in New Orleans. We've had this happen before. Many times. It's crept close. Even got into the garage a time or two. So I'm not too worried this time. But I hate cleaning up after it when it does get in the garage. It's muddy and smelly. And we've learned not to keep anything sitting on the garage floor. Shelves line nearly every wall space out there. I have my kiln on a stand that keeps it about a foot off the floor. My pottery wheel sits on a platform my hubby built for it, keeping it about six inches off the floor.
Now the wind. We just finsihed cleaning up after Gustav. Now I'm sitting here typing and listening to limbs hitting the roof. I glanced out the window and the yard is filled with debris again.
Reason for my ranting? I so want to sell this house and move away from here. Yes, I know every place has it's problems. Earthquakes, fires, hurricanes. But I'm ready for a new kind of catastrophe to whine about.

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