Monday, December 5, 2011

Day Three

Saturday, Octover 22
Ugg, we waited for an hour for the bus to the ship.  We finally crossed the street and got in line for the People Mover.  We stood in line for another hour only to find out the line was for people wanting to store their luggage.  Turns out we could have just walked into the building and caught the People Mover.  Oh, well, live an learn, right?
It's amazing when you compare the USA with Europe when it comes to public transportation.  Here in Europe there is always a way to get where you're going, and you don't have to own a car.  In Italy I see a lot of scooters, of course, but most people use the People Movers, trains, buses, or their own two feet.  In America we must have a car if we don't live along a bus line or take a taxi.  But most American's would rather die than take a bus.  I hate to admit it, I hate buses.  But I digress.
We got off the People Mover at the port, walk (and walk...did i mention Eruopean people do a lot of walking?) to the Port entrance, then have walk at least a friggin' mile to the check-in area for Royal Caribbean Cruises.  We can see the Voyager of the Seas out the window.  Whew, that ship is BIG.  Anyway, since we're Diamond Plus members our check is is quick and flawless.  We walk (here we go again) out the building, up a ramp that has three levels, all steep.  We finaly are on the ship and find ourselves in the Royal Promenade.  Really impressive.  It's lined with all kinds of shops, windows filled with grand jewelry, clothings, chocolates.  Toward the end is a food court area, but not like any shopping mall food court, mind you.  Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, Coffee House, then there is the jewelry cases filled with food.  From six in the morning till eleven a.m. is pasteries, biscuit sandwiches, and other finger style breakfast foods.  At eleven it changed over to sandwiches, cakes, pies, and the most glorious cookies you ever put in your mouth.  They had one called Mississippie Mud Slide, oh man, they are so good. 
Sorry, got carried away on the food.  Our room was really nice.  Very large, huge bath, huge walk in closet, pleanty of storage space, queen sized bed, a couch, twoi chairs, coffee table and a large balcony.  There was a basket of goodies on the counter, several bottles of free water (you're very grateful for this once you see the price of any drinks on the ship), and an invitation to a private party with the captain.  We spent the rest of the day exploring the ship, such things as the ice skating rink, the rock climbing wall, pool area, finding the restaurants, movie  theater and live theaters.  Again, whew, this ship is big. 
Tomorrow we will be iin Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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